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Atkinson Merino Wool Blankets

Duchess Pure Merino Wool Blanket


Atkinson Merino Wool Blankets

Lightweight Merino Wool Blanket


Atkinson Merino Wool Blankets

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John Atkinson Pure Merino Wool Blankets & Throws

Pure merino wool blankets offer a pleasant feel against the skin and can serve as an excellent alternative to synthetic duvets. If you opt to purchase a pure merino wool blanket, you will find that it is both hardwearing and durable, as well as warm and comfortable.

The John Atkinson pure merino wool blankets and throws are woven and hand finished in the heart of Yorkshire, using the skills, knowledge and craftsmanship that can only be achieved by hundreds of years of passionate and dedicated manufacture.

John Atkinson Duchess Pure Merino Wool Blanket in Cherry

The merino wool used in the manufacture of the John Atkinsons blankets is sourced from the prized Merino sheep introduced into Australia and New Zealand in the late 18th century from Europe. The merino sheep adapted well to the hot climate and over the years the fleece was further developed through careful breeding to produce a very fine, soft wool, which is now in demand the world over for use in bedding and fashion products. 

Merino Wool - A Natural Temperature Regulator

Uniquely, pure merino wool blankets excel in temperature regulation - the natural crimp of the fibres traps the air for insulation in cold weather, while effectively wicking away moisture in warmer conditions making the John Atkinson Duchess pure merino wool blanket or the John Atkinson Twill and Granite pure merino wool throw excellent choices for your home, garden or a trip to the Polo.

With a bit of loving care and attention your John Atkinson merino wool blanket can remain looking good and last you a life time. Details of how to look after your wool blanket can be found in our care section.