Frequently Asked Questions

True craftsmanship starts with the selection of the best possible fibres, so Atkinsons carefully select only the best quality fleeces from Australia, New Zealand  and China for their blankets. They then blend and weave these entirely in-house on the widest looms in the UK, producing truly luxurious blankets.

The attention to detail is pure passion and craftsmanship, born of a genuine love of wool. Hand stitched and hand finished, every blanket receives the personal touch that ensures the highest standards. Their skill, down to how many brush strokes each blanket receives to achieve the perfect lofty finish, is second to none, this is what Atkinsons believes makes their products truly England’s’ finest blankets.


From the moment the raw wool is delivered, to the creation of the finished product, it is processed solely at Atkinson’s specialist woollen weaving mill in Yorkshire. This means that they have full control throughout, from blending the wool, spinning the yarn, weaving, dyeing and all other finishing processes.
These blankets are woven with every bit of craftsmanship and skill that has been gathered by their team over the last 235 years.

Atkinson’s do not moth proof their products as the chemicals used in such processes are harmful to the environment and are now illegal.

Dry Cleaning your blanket or throw before storing it will help to protect against moth damage as they are attracted to food stains and body oils but dislike the chemicals that are used in the dry cleaning process.

We would also recommend storing the blanket away securely when not in use.

Wool has natural water-repelling properties due to the lanolin it contains. While it can resist small amounts of moisture and repel minor spills, it’s not waterproof. Avoid soaking.

Wool is naturally flame-resistant, making it harder to ignite and allowing it to self- extinguish. However, it’s important to keep your blanket away from direct flames.

Bobbles or piling can occur naturally with use. To remove them, gently use a fabric comb or wool piling brush, always moving in the direction of the blanket’s grain.

To rejuvenate your wool blanket, employ a soft-bristle garment brush. Spread the blanket out evenly and gently brush in line with the wool’s natural grain. This method aligns the wool fibres uniformly, cleans superficial dirt, and restores the blanket’s smooth texture.