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This website uses cookies. We deem the cookies on this website as being complimentary and in some cases essential to the ease of use, security and development of the website.

There are generally two types of cookies either Session or Persistant. Session Cookies generally expire when the browser is closed. Persistant Cookies generally expire after a set time period. The following classification of cookies used on this website may ether be Session or Persistant depending on their purpose.

  • Essential Cookies: Cookies that are required for the website to operate securely and properly are allowed to be set without your permission and if disabled will not allow the website to work as intended. The security cookies used on this website protect the website by comparing a users IP address to known IP addresses on blacklists and to track a user’s use of the site to identify any abnormal behaviour designed to exploit the website.
  • Performance/Analytics Cookies: We use performance and analytics cookies the purpose of which is to measure performance and to provide statistical analysis on how our website is found, viewed and used by visitors so that we can identify any necessary improvements to make the website more user friendly and provide more appropriate and interesting content.
  • Functionality: We also use cookies to provide a more efficient and personalised experience. These are referred to as functionality cookies. 
  • Advertising/Targeted: Targeted Cookies use a profile built up around visits a user makes to other websites in order to show the user advertisements that are relevant to users interests.
  • Unclassified Cookies: These are cookies which have yet to be classified but may be essential/necessary in someway therefore care must be taken when disabling.

For websites accessed through links placed on our website please review their own privacy and cookie policies before use.

Remember you can always turn off/disable cookies in your browser. If you are unsure how there are many articles on the web which will provide you with detailed information in this regard. We have provided direct links to the top articles for turning off cookies in for the following browsers.

Please note: Turning off cookies may result in some aspects of functionality of the website not being available to you and/or you having to repeat certain actions when using the site again as a returning visitor.