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Cashmere Wool Blankets
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Bespoke Cashmere Wool Blankets

Suppliers of John Atkinson Cashmere Wool Blankets & Merino Wool Blankets.

John Atkinson have been manufacturing the finest wollen blankets since 1828, helping improve the sleep of thousands of people throughout the world, including royalty and is a trading division of A W Hainsworth & Sons Ltd., who have been manufacturing woollen fabrics in West Yorkshire for over 225 years.

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The John Atkinson 100% Cashmere wool blanket is the ultimate in luxury bedding. This classic Cashmere collection is manufactured using the finest selected 100% White Cashmere, personally selected by Hainsworth’s Wool Director.

About cashmere wool

The Cashmere goat can be found in China, Mongolia, Afghanistan and Turkey and parts of India. The goat has a protective outer coat of coarse fibre that is 4 to 20 cm (1.5 to 8 inches) in length.The downy undercoat is made up of the fine, soft fibre commonly called cashmere, which ranges from 2.5 to 9 cm long. Most of this down fibre is combed out by hand during the moulting


Merino wool is regarded as the finest and softest wool of all sheep. The Duchess Merino Wool Blankets from John Atkinson are regal in name and beautifully soft and luxurious too, elegantly bound in coordinating satin.

About Merino wool

Merino sheep, renowned for their excellent fleece, were introduced to Australia in the late 18th century from Europe. They adapted well to the hot climate. Over the years the fleece was further developed through careful breeding to produces a very fine , soft wool, which is in demand the world over for bedding and fashion products, due to it’s unique properties.